Elon Musk Designates TP, Atty. Trixie Angeles And Adobo Chronicles As Twitter’s PH Fact Checkers!

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Move over, Rappler and Vera Files. We have new fact checkers in the Philippines!

Just a day after Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 Billion, the social networking giant announced the billionaire has designated his own fact checkers in the Philippines to counter the deceptive ways that Facebook’s partners Rappler and Vera Files have been going about their appointment as supposed watchdogs of disinformation on the Internet.

Musk designated RJ Nieto, a.k.a. Thinking Pinoy, the highly-respected lawyer, blogger and broadcaster Atty. Trixie Angeles and The Adobo Chronicles as Twitter’s PH fact checkers. The Tesla CEO gave the three full authority and power to delete posts, suspend accounts or totally shut down accounts that violate Twitter’s well-respected community standards.

Facebook, and by extension, its PH fact checkers have, in recent weeks been criticized for censoring posts and accounts under the guise of violations of its ridiculous community standards. Among those targeted by Facebook were The Adobo Chronicles, presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos’ spokesperson Atty. Vic Rodriguez, and the Philippine News Agency.

Political and media analysts see Twitter’s move as a restoration of true freedom of speech in a country that leads in social media utilization in the world.

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