Posting Photos Of Buses Now Violates Facebook’s Community Standards!

(UPDATE: Facebook admitted they got it wrong and apologized.)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Posting comments, photos or links that violate Facebook’s community standards could merit a penalty ranging from one’s post or visibility being downgraded for days, weeks or months; being suspended from using FB and Messenger features; or pages and accounts being banned altogether.

The Adobo Chronicles’ Facebook page was recently unpublished by Facebook, despite the page being classified as ”community/satire.”

Alas, one never knows where the buck stops as far as this social networking giant is concerned.

Now the mere act of posting a photo of a bus merited the post being hidden by Facebook. It so happened that it was our publisher who posted the photo. There was no nudity, violence, misinformation or threat in the photo — just a straightforward picture of a city bus along Metro Manila’s longest thoroughfare, EDSA!

Moral of the story: think twice before you post a photo of your furry friend, cup cakes that you just baked, or meteor showers that you were so lucky to capture on your smart phone or camera. The Internet police is watching 24/7!

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