LEAKED: Leni Robredo’s Draft Concession Speech!

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Quezon City Bureau) – With the Philippines presidential elections just about three weeks away, all eyes are now focused on possible scenarios that could happen on May 9, 2022.

Concession speeches will certainly be among the highlights on election day and shortly thereafter.

All polls point to a landslide victory by former Senator Bongbong Marcos and Mayor Sara Duterte who have campaigned on a platform of unity.

The Adobo Chronicles has obtained a leaked copy of a draft of Vice President Leni Robredo’s concession speech which pretty much sums up how she really feels about the elections, despite all the high hopes and optimism that have been put forward by her campaign team.

Here’s the leaked copy of the speech:

3 thoughts on “LEAKED: Leni Robredo’s Draft Concession Speech!”

  1. But you do not speak like a Christian. You speak like Satan’s representative accusing a person here and there. A Christian who follows the footsteps of Jesus Christ will never speak evil of another person. A Christian who carries the name of Jesus Christ as their King, Saviour, and Lord will always spread the love even to their enemies. REMEMBER THAT!


    1. Imagine being a hateful person like yourself, spreading Propaganda like its everyday activity for you, some people call that being a comadate for the Mental Hospital, I just call it a loss of mentality, you know as no brain power works for some people! if you had a brain you would know she is the best person for the Job and to allow Bong Bong in that office is like letting the jails open up and having a day of destruction as the robbers will be hitting all the stores and the rapist will be hitting boys and girls any place they can stick that weiner, and the killers will be out in force as they will know of having one day retrieve for no crimes to be charges, Yes Bong Bong is opening the doors to taking anything that is not nailed down and filling his pockets and giving his mother you know her she is the perfect person knowing how to hide everything, Yes LENI ROBREDO’ will be the next President of the Philippines and will do the only job necessary to take out the chinese crime wave in the Philippines, so you should all awaken to the reality of our next President, God Bless her heart, LENI ROBREDO’


  2. She did not lose yet and to allow a criminal to follow the path of his father to be incharge of our country is a sin of the devil himself and to look at another Duterte so close after so many people were killed because the Duterte message is that your due Process rights do not exist in the Philippines will follow with the new Comrad of government Duterte a Mayor of Muslim families is not what this country needs as to the right and wrong or how Muslims think and Believe is to take out and kill all the Infidels which is Christian People is her pole and standing and has been for a very long time, so People, You have to awaken from this disaster of a freight train coming to destroy the Philippines because there is no light at the end of that tunnel life is good on the side of the right and Bom Bom is not the side of right and Duterte is not the time or the place for her personal Belief in how or the way to govern this country, we need people that believe in the Christian ways and the ways of the right with no consequences of Death without Due Process. Wake up Philippines. how can so many be so ignorant is seeing and believing that the Duterte team could do any good and is less corrupt then the Bong Bong Marcus and his family stealing Billions of Philippines Peso, how can so many close their minds as you look at his mother still in congress so she is not prosecuted further for her part in the stealing and continuing to preserve her wealth from the Philippines people is the lowest part in the corruption is because she gives you a penny while she hides the billions, Wake up Philippines the keys are in your hand to a Better way and a Better place for all your families.


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