Partido Reporma Endorses Leni Robredo As Its Second Choice!

DAVAO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Davao Bureau) – Today’s big news is not so much that Partido Reporma dropped Senator Panfilo Lacson as its presidential bet. It is the fact that it chose Vice President Leni Robredo as its SECOND CHOICE!

In making the announcement, former Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez extolled the party’s first choice Lacson before mentioning that it has decided to endorse Robredo as its second choice.

While Alvarez was reading the party’s statement, Robredo was all smiles, happily accepting the endorsement and the reality that she is No. 2 and the second choice in many of her endeavors.

The VP is a distant second in practically all polls for the presidential contest, including the 7-Eleven SpeakCup campaign.

No. 2 seems to be Robredo’s favorite, and lucky number, including being the country’s 2nd woman VP, passing the bar exams on her 2nd try, and who knows what other personal circumstances she finds herself in.

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