Rappler Refuses To Fact-Check Story On Korina Sanchez And Venezuelan Actor

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Maria Ressa’s Rappler likes to fact-check everything, including legitimate “stories” from satire sites like The Adobo Chronicles. The online news source whose mistrust rating among Filipinos for two consecutive years now is the highest among all local news brands, takes pride in its Internet police hat provided by Facebook.

But Rappler has consistently refused to fact-check a news article that appeared almost a year ago in The Manila Bulletin. The story is about Korina Sanchez’s admission that she dated Venezuelan actor Fernando Carillo and that she does not ask money from husband Mar Roxas.

In an unprecedented exclusive interview with The Adobo Chronicles, Ressa said her decision to ignore the fact check is because it involves two of Rappler’s supporters and idols, Roxas and Sanchez. “We certainly do not want to hurt their feelings,” Ressa added.

The Rappler CEO, who was earlier convicted of cyber libel, emphasized that her freedom of speech also includes her freedom not to speak, especially when it involves matters that are of her personal and political interests.

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