Fact-Checking ‘Journalist’ Karen Davila.

ABS-CBN news anchor KAREN DAVILA just tweeted that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has left office, describing her as a leader with dignity and class.

TRUTH: Merkel is still Chancellor. The news article that Davila retweeted was a 2018 article talking about Merkel delivering an emotional speech marking the end of 18 years as leader of her Christian Democrats party (CDU). It followed a nail-biting contest and the first open CDU leadership race in almost 50 years which saw  Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer elected to succeed her.

Davila failed to mention the date of the news article nor explained the purpose of her tweet. Was she trying to insinuate that a Philippine leader (or leaders) also step down or leave office?

The Adobo Chronicles therefore concludes that Davila’s post is:

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