PHILIPPINES: More EJKs Reported Across The Country

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The fatal shooting in Tarlac of a mother and son by an off-duty police officer has prompted cries and hashtags of #StopTheKillings, in obvious reference to so-called Extra Judicial Killings (EJK) in the Philippines.

It has also resulted in more reports of EJKs reaching the offices of The Adobo Chronicles.

We can now confirm these reports from our subscribers and Pinoy netizens in just the last 24 hours:

-A rat has been killed in Cavite City

-A rattle snake was killed in Bulacan

-Two pigs were slaughtered in Naga City

-Several cockroaches were killed in Cebu

-A bird was shot in Davao City

-Hundreds of mosquitoes were eliminated in a creek in Zamboanga

-A school of fish was discovered in a fishing boat in Sulu, dead on arrival at shore

-Somewhere in the Cordilleras, a chicken was beaten to death, a la pinikpikan

This is a developing story.

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