President duterte: Fast foRward to 2028!

Duterte, left; Guidicelli, right

DAVAO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Davao Bureau) – The Adobo Chronicles is known for its fearless forecasts and we’ve always subscribed to the mantra,”Life imitates satire.”

Today, we are predicting that when Rodrigo Duterte’s term ends in 2022, another Duterte, Sara, will take over, and six years later, yet another Duterte, Baste. Both are children of the current President.

In a poll, we conducted this week on the people’s choice for the next president, Sara was the clear winner, garnering an overwhelming majority of votes, ahead of the distant second, Bongbong Marcos. (See poll results HERE:

The youngest of the Duterte siblings is only 32 years old, but by 2028, he will more than qualify to run for President which requires a minimum age of 40.

Not only that, we are also predicting that Baste has already made his choice for his Armed Forces Chief of Staff — actor Matteo Guidicelli, a reservist in the Philippine Army.

What a good-looking pair!

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