Senator Grace Poe Wants Government To Provide Free Bottled Water To All Filipinos

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Mimicking Vice President Leni Robredo’s favorite expression, ‘nakakabahala’ (concerning), Senator Grace Poe today proposed that the government provide free bottled water to all Filipino households beginning in 2022.

Poe was reacting to the  non-renewal of the water distribution concession contracts of Manila Water and Maynilad (owned by Oligarchs, the Ayalas and Pangilinans) . This follows a decision by a Singapore Arbitration Court ordering the Philippine government to pay both firms a total of more than P10 Billion for “lost revenue.”

Poe says she fears that the cancellation of the water concessions will create a water crisis and severe shortage of  drinking water for millions of Filipinos.

As part of her proposal, the Senator said the government should provide all Filipino households with 100 cases of free bottled water each month.

Poe sought the help of math wizard Robredo to calculate the amount of bottled water that should be provided to households. (1 case a day per family of 5  x 30 days= 100 cases)

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