Jover Laurio Chastises Maria Ressa And Leah Navarro For Wearing Black To Her Wedding

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The bride wore immaculate white, but the ninangs  (female wedding sponsors) wore black.

It was a yellow-themed wedding, but Maria Ressa, Leah Navarro and other wedding sponsors chose to wear the color of funerals, and that didn’t sit well with the bride, Jover Laurio.

Laurio used her blog to chastise her own ninangs.

“They doomed my marriage right at the very start,” she told The Adobo Chronicles. 

Coming to their own defense, Ressa and Navarro said they didn’t get the wedding memo that indicated the color motif of the wedding. Ressa, in particular, thought it was a great opportunity to promote the Black Friday Movement and to make a public statement about the suppression of press freedom. (She was recently charged with tax evasion in connection with her Rappler business.)

The male wedding sponsors, including Senator Bam Aquino and Congressman Gary Alejano, were spared from Laurio’s wrath. They all wore white barong tagalogs.

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