Per Doctors’ Advice, Kris Aquino Will Totally Quit Social Media

SINGAPORE (The Adobo Chronicles, Singapore Bureau) – It is her lifeline and the best venue to boost her ego and solict sympathy and empathy, but upon her doctors’ advice, Kris Aquino will totally quit social media — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Aquino, who is in Singapore for a battery of tests to confirm previous diagnoses of Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria, Lupus and Fibromyalgia, has decided that her health is more important than her ego.

Doctors in Singapore have advised her to avoid stressful situations which could aggravate her illnesses.

For the longest time, Aquino has used social media for self-promotion to help with her sagging career in show business.

A Singaorean autoimmune disease specialist told The Adobo Chronicles  that stress is one of the triggers of autoimmune diseases, so “we have insisted that Aquino quit social media for good.  It only stresses her out.”

This news comes as a big disappointment  for the few who have remained Kris Aquino fans all these years. But they said that the health of their idol is more important than seeing her rants, complaints and arguments that could only exacerbate her medical issues.

It looks like the Queen of All Media will soon be the Queen of No Media.


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