Leni Robredo Beats Out Kris Aquino In New Poll

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – In just the last 24 hours, Kris Aquino has been the object of ridicule and hateful comments as a result of her video post in which she and attorneys discussed the cases she had filed against her former confidante, Nicko Falcis.

We were almost certain Aquino was the most ridiculed personality in the Philippines today.

We were wrong.

In poll we conducted on who netizens think is the most despite and hated personality on social media, Leni Robredo beat out Aquino by a margin of 5 to 1 in just the first 60 minutes of the online survey. 

The poll results came as a disappointment to Aquino who had hoped she’d be more infamous than the Vice President.

Robredo, on the other hand, was humbled by the poll results, promising to keep doing what she’s doing — issuing ridiculous and senseless statements as a way to being in the radar of those in social media.

You can still vote in the poll which ends in 6 days HERE.

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