Health Secretary Francisco Duque Proposes To Ban Escalators In Philippine Malls

Photo: Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Secretary Francisco Duque of the Philippines’ Department of Health (DOH) may have been quiet on the Dengvaxia issue, but he is speaking his mind about escalators in Philippine malls.

Expressing alarm over the sedentary lifestyle of many Filipinos — including the lack of proper diet and exercise, Duque is proposing to Congress to ban escalators in all malls in the Philippines.

”Even the most healthy people and millennials always opt to take the escalators up and down when they’re in the malls, rather than take the stairs,” Duque said. “Walking and taking the stairs are good for the health of Filipinos, yet very few take advantage of this healthy exercise which doesn’t cost anything.”

”This is not to mention that they fail to observe escalator etiquette of standing on the right and walking on the left,” he added.

In his proposal, Duque assured seniors and persons with disability (PWD) that  elevators will remain for their use.  However, the health secretary also suggested that security guards should screen all those taking the elevators to make sure that they have proper identification as senior citizens or PWDs.

Here’s to a healthier Philippines!

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