EDITORIAL: Forget ‘One Person, One Vote’


DONALD TRUMP may have won the required electoral college votes to win the presidency, and HILLARY CLINTON may have won the popular vote, but strictly speaking, neither of them won a majority of the REGISTERED VOTERS.  That’s because 46.9% of registered voters did not vote in last Tuesday’s elections.

While pundits and netizens are now arguing that it is time to ditch the electoral college vote system in favor of a popular vote, we  propose a new alternative altogether.

We are often reminded that in a Democratic system, one person gets one vote.  Screw the Democratic system.

Let’s establish a new rule that if a registered voter refuses or fails to cast his or her vote in an election, that vote should be transferable to another person who takes the time to vote.

Let’s call this new system, ‘One person, one vote; possibly two.’

Any takers?



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