Even Eric And Ivanka Trump Won’t Vote For Their Dad

Eric, left, and Ivanka

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – It says something about a presidential candidate when even his children won’t vote for him.  Well to be more precise, they can’t.

During the Republican primaries,  Eric and Ivanka Trump didn’t, and couldn’t vote for their dad.  They didn’t register to vote.

But one would think they’d learn a lesson, but no.

Once again the duo forgot to register to vote.  Eric and Ivanka were too busy campaigning for their dad and doing a lot of damage control for a lot of his controversial statements, not to mention the increasing allegations against him of sexual improprieties with women.

But the impact of the children not being able to vote for their dad is moot and academic.  Two votes wouldn’t really create a dent on Hillary Clinton’s march to the White House.

We suspect even Eric and Ivanka already know that.



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