Kris Aquino Declines Lead Role In New NBC Sitcom

Aquino (Photo credit:

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Yesterday, The Adobo Chronicles reported that NBC  has launched a search for a Filipina actress to play the lead female role in a new sitcom, “Mail-Order Family.”

Today, we learned that producers of the new TV comedy series have offered the role of a mail-order bride to former presidential sister, actress and talk show host Kris Aquino.

It was an opportunity that would have launched Aquino’s international career.  She, however, declined the offer.

“Hindi naman ako mukhang mail-order bride, eh,” she said (I don’t look anything like a mail-order bride).

“I would rather play the role of, say, Chelsea Clinton, because I look more like the daughter of a president, which I am,” she added.  Aquino’s mom, Cory, was president of the Philippines.

Too bad, Aquino would have made history as the first Filipino lead actress in a major U.S. network television series.

Oh, well.


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