Campaign Funds: Donald Trump Seeks $30 Million Loan From Hillary Clinton

Photo source:

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Donald Trump is running low on funds and is afraid he won’t be able to sustain an effective campaign against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Trump campaign has alerted the Republican brass that he will have to be more dependent on the GOP for money to see him through the fall campaign and win in the November general elections.

However, many in the Republican leadership were lukewarm to Trump’s feelers, especially those who didn’t want him to be the party’s nominee.

So, who is Trump turning to? None other than Hillary Clinton.

Trump, citing his long-standing good friendship with the Clintons, asked Hillary to lend him $30 Million.

So far, the Clinton campaign has raised $289 Million from individual donors as well as Super PACS, compared to Trump’s total of $60.9 Million.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee is putting up the Trump Hotel in Waikiki as collateral for the loan.

Sources close to Mrs. Clinton say that her camp is seriously considering the loan request on the condition that Trump will stop all negative attacks against the former Secretary of State, and instead focus on issues for the rest of the campaign period.

Fair enough.



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