San Diego Padres To Gay Men’s Chorus: “Sorry, We Will Change Our Name To Madres”

image.jpegSAN DIEGO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Claiming it was a mistake inside the audio control room, the San Diego Padres today apologized to the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus (SDGMC) for the embarrassing moment at Petco Park this weekend.

Members of the SDGMC took the field at Petco Park to sing the national anthem. Instead of their voices, fans of the Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers heard a recorded voice of a woman singing the anthem, and when the group stepped off the field at the end of the song it was to taunts such as, “You sing like a girl,” according to a statement on the SDGMC Facebook page.

The chorus called for Major Leage Baseball to investigate the incident as a possible anti-gray discrimination or hate crime.

To show its sincerity in feeling very sorry about the incident and that it truly empathizes with the chorus members, owners of the San Diego Padres announced that the team will immediately change its name to “Madres.”





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