Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Settle Their Differences Over Superdelegates

Photo source: thehill.com

SACRAMENTO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Realizing that their continued rivalry and rhetoric will only increase Donald Trump’s chances of being elected next president of the United States, the Democratic presidential candidates have finally agreed to settle their differences.

While agreeing to fight it out till the end, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders pledged to make the remaining campaign leading up to California’s June 7 primary as non-confrontational as possible and instead focus on attacking Trump who is the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

A key component of the Clinton-Sanders agreement revolves around the superdelegates.  Both agreed to let go of their respective superdelegates and consider them a winner-take-all prize to be decided at the Democratic National Convention.

Sources close to both campaigns confirmed that there will be a coin toss at the convention and whoever wins the toss will get all of the superdelegates.

It looks like heads and tails are headed to Philadelphia on July 25!



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