Donald Trump Woos The Filipino American Vote

image.jpegNEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Realizing that in order to win in the general elections, presumptive Republican presidential nominee is leaving no stone unturned to reach out to all possible voting blocs, including the Filipino Americans.

Filipino Americans have traditionally been socially conservative. In the 2004 U.S. Presidential elections, Republican president George W. Bush won the Filipino American vote over John Kerry by nearly a two-to-one ratio,  which followed strong support in the 2000 election. However, in 2008, Filipino Americans voted majority Democratic, with 50% to 58% of the community voting for President Barack Obama and 42% to 46% voting for Senator John McCain. The 2008 election marked the first time that a majority of Filipino Americans voted for a Democrat presidential candidate.

Naturally, Trump wants to win back the Filipino American vote.

Today, he posted a selfie taken at the penthouse suite of the Trump Towers in New York.  In his photo, he is shown gobbling down a bowl of dinuguan, a traditional Filipino dish made of pork and pork blood. In his comment, he said, “I love dinuguan. I love Filipinos, and Filipinos love me!”

When asked by his wife Melania what he was eating, Trump said, “chocolate soup.”



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