Exclusive Interview: Manny Pacquiao’s Decision To Retire Is 50-50

Pacquiao, right, with his coach Freddie Roach
Pacquiao, right, with his coach Freddie Roach

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – After Manny Pacquiao’s decisive win over American Timothy Bradley in last Saturday’s welterweight championship match, the Filipino icon and congressman announced his decision to retire from boxing.

Known in his home country as ‘pambansang kamao’ (national fist), Pacquiao sat down with The Adobo Chronicles in an exclusive interview at his penthouse suite at the MGM Grand Hotel.

Here’s the trasncript of the interview:

AC: Is your decision to retire from boxing final?

Pacquiao: That’s my decision, but I don’t know what it is like to be retired.

AC: So you’re saying you may come back to the boxing ring?

Pacquiao: If it’s the will of God, then I have no choice.

AC: How soon will you decide whether or not to come out of retirement?

Pacquiao: Let’s see what happens after the May 9 elections.

AC:  Meaning?

Pacquiao: If I win as a senator, I will probably not come back to boxing.

AC: And if you lose?

Pacquiao: I may come back to the ring, who knows.

AC : Why announce your retirement at all, when you’re not really sure?

Pacquiao: Well, President Aquino’s sister, Kris, did the same thing.  How many times did she say that she was quitting show business?  But she keeps on coming back. If Kris can do it, why can’t Pacquiao do it?

AC:  True.



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