EDSA People Power Monument Defaced: Why It Will Take Six Months To Clean Up Graffiti

The defaced EDSA People Power Monument
The defaced EDSA People Power Monument

MAKATI CITY, Philippines  (The Adobo Chronicles, MANILA Bureau) – The  EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue) monument to the People’s Power Revolution which ousted the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos from the Philippines, has been defaced!  Vandals spray-painted the monument with graffiti bearing the words, “Marcos Pa Rin” (Marcos still, or Marcos forever).

One would think it would take no time at all to clean up the graffiti.  But think again.  It can take up to six months before it can be done.  Here’s why:

1. The monument is in close proximity to three cities — Makati, Mandaluyong and Quezon City (EDSA traverses many cities in Metro Manila).  The city governments of the three cities will have to convene a meeting to determine which has jurisdiction over the monument and, consequently, the responsibility for the cleanup.

2. Once the jurisdiction issue has been resolved, the budget office of the city government concerned will have to certify as to the availability of funds to make the repair.

3. A resolution will then have to be proposed and approved by the city council to give the go ahead to do the repair.

4. Because this is a public project, the city will have to solicit at least three bids from contractors who are interested in the paint job.

5. Once the winning bid has been determined and approved, the city will have to prepare a contract for the job which would require the paperwork to be reviewed by the city attorney, the public works department and finally the city mayor.

6. The contract, after being signed by the city mayor and the winning contractor, will have to be put on hold for two weeks which is the time frame for the losing bidders to file a protest or request a review of the winning bid.

7. Because the EDSA monument is a national landmark, the Office of the President will have to give its approval for the repair work. That can take time because President Aquino is busy campaigning for Mar Roxas, his anointed candidate to be his successor.

8.  If any member of Congress challenges the proposed repair, a hearing will be held in the Senate.

9. If everything goes well, then the repair job can proceed.

10. However, if the winning contracter has a change of mind and no longer wishes to continue with the job, then the entire process (1-9) will have to done all over again.

It’s more fun in the Philippines, don’t you agree?


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