After Huge Loss In New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton Changes Image, Literally

Sanders, Trump, Clinton : the white hair phenomenon
Sanders, Trump, Clinton : the white hair phenomenon

CHAPPAQUA, New York (The Adobo Chronicles) – Hillary Clinton  returned to her home state of New York a changed woman, after that huge loss to Bernie Sanders in this week’s New Hampshire Democratic primary.  Sanders defeated the more veteran Clinton, 64.8% to 30%.

On the Republican  side, Donald Trump led the pack at 35.3%, 15 points ahead of second placer John Kasich.

Clinton’s campaign advisers  finally figured out what’s ticking and clicking in the tight race for president of the United States: white hair.

Clinton’s first stop upon arrival in Chappaqua was her hairdresser’s studio where she followed her advisers’suggestion to match Sanders’ hair color.

Trump is reportedly considering doing the same. He’s not only tired of hearing those nasty jokes about his hair but, like Clinton, wants to be a better match for Sanders.

It’s all about the hair, ’bout the hair…


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