Letter Of The Month To The Adobo Chronicles

imagesEvery now and then, The Adobo Chronicles publishes letters that we receive from our readers.  This one is from Eden Claribel who lives in Baguio City, Philippines, the hometown of our editor and publisher.  Our response follows the letter.

Dear Editor:

My friends always make fun of me every time they see that I’m reading your articles. They always ask me why I read them, and my answer is always “I don’t know, I just can’t help it.”

But seriously, I am a proud fan of The Adobo Chronicles. My friends say that your articles are for dumbs. I didn’t bother to defend AdoboChron because I know that they can never understand me. They don’t appreciate satire so it’s useless to explain. Personally, I think that satirical sites are for smart people, and satirical news writers are the wittiest writers.

I admire you guys. I love how you write. I actually wish I could write like you.  Keep writing “garbage” articles (as what other people call them). I don’t mind being a garbage collector! 

yours truly,

Eden Claribel


Dear Eden:

Thank you for being a big fan of The Adobo Chronicles.

In case you’re wondering why you are so hooked to our stories, we put a microchip in each of our articles so that once you click on and start reading them, you’ll keep wanting to come back for more.

We are very encouraged by your letter and we promise to bring you (and hopefully, your friends) more garbage in 2016 and the years to come.

(By the way, there is no shame in being a garbage collector!)


The Editor


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