Gesundheit! Forgot Your Password? Sneezing Is The Latest In Identity Technology

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, California (The Adobo Chronicles®) – Forgot your password yet again? No worries. There’s  a new technology now in the market that will revolutionize identity recognition for unlocking your smart phone, using the ATM, or gaining access to maximum security areas.

Until recently, fingerprints and the eye’s iris have been the highest standard in identity technology.

Today, Symantec Corporation announced the latest innovation: sneezing into your phone or computer instead of entering a passcode or using your fingerprint or iris.

Symantec is an American technology company headquartered in Mountain View, California. The company makes security, storage, backup and availability software and offers professional services to support its software.

A company spokesperson told The Adobo Chronicles® that the new technology is based on the fact that no two persons sneeze alike. The technology will recognize a person’s sneeze and match it with the identity on record. In addition, the moisture from a person’s sneeze will provide fool-proof identification based on his or her DNA.

The sneeze identity technology, aptly named ‘Gesundheit,’  can be installed on any existing device by dowloading a Symantec software that’s retailing for $129.99.

So the next time you unlock your phone or withdraw money from your bank account, say “Achoo!”

We see a lot of blessings coming our way!




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