Police uniform: two shades of purple (Photo source: callthecops.net)
Police uniform: two shades of purple (Photo source: callthecops.net)

NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles) –  Last week, President Barack Obama banned the sale of certain military-style equipment to police departments. He also thinks that police officers should have “softer looking” uniforms, pointing out that cops are making things worse when they show up to inner city communities wearing military-style equipment and riot gear.

Taking its cue from the President’s message, the Justice Department is reportedly field testing two different shades of purple that would eventually replace all traditional uniforms of police officers across the country, according to callthecops.net. Purple is universally viewed as a color representing friendship. But the majority of police officers are not buying it.

Meeting for its annual convention in New York City, the National Coalition of Police Officers’ Associations (NCPOA) unanimously passed a resolution opposing purple as the new color for police uniforms.

“The color may be soft, but it’s too soft ” the resolution said. Many cops expressed strong objection to purple saying “it’s too gay!”

The resolution will be presented Tuesday to Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

A second resolution proposing to change the color of all police cars to pink was immediately shot down by the convention attendees.

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