imageDALLAS, Texas (The Adobo Chronicles) – Texas is among the 32 states that still have the death penalty on their books. The Lone Star State is known for the most number of executions.

In an effort to rid itself of the unsavory reputation as the ‘killer state,’ and to cut down on the state government’s enormous expenditure for its death row inmates waiting for execution, Texas has adopted a new mandatory meal for all inmates on death row.

The meal, concocted by ‘the vulgar chef,’ consists of left over french fries wrapped around a cheeseburger and fried in butter.

The meal guarantees the immediate clogging of death row inmates’ arteries, leading to a heart attack within a few weeks from the start of the meal program.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott told The Adobo Chronicles  that he is very pleased with the new execution protocol because it frees the state as well as the assigned executioners from the guilt  of taking someone’s life. The governor said that it also saves the state millions of dollars otherwise spent in feeding and taking care of death row convicts awaiting their date with death.

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