CaptureSAN JOSE, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – It is estimated that the average person uses 80-100 gallons of water per day.  More than 50% of that usage – 57.25 gallons to be exact — are used on four major daily routines – brushing teeth, taking a shower, flushing the toilet and drinking water.

Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown announced mandatory water conservation to help deal with the state’s worsening drought.  Specifically, he wants every Californian to cut down on water use by 25%.

As a public service, The Adobo Chronicles, came up with these specific water-saving tips for every Californian in order to meet the 25% figure:

  1. Brush your teeth just once a day – saves 3.6 gallons
  2. Reduce toilet use from six to two times a day – saves 6.4 gallons
  3. Reduce shower time from 9 minutes to 3 minutes per day – saves 14.50 gallons
  4. Drink beer instead of water – saves 0.50 gallons

There you go — that’s 25 gallons right there!

And if you’re feeling generous about wanting to conserve more water, wash your dishes once every 3 to 4 times of use.

We welcome our readers’ thoughts and suggestions on other innovative ways to help California save on this most precious commodity. (Please use our comment section)

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