imageGlendale, California –  The International House of Pancakes  (IHOP), the U.S.-based restaurant chain specializing in breakfast foods, is suing Taco Bell over the latter’s new offering – the waffle taco.

IHOP, established in 1958, is suing the Irvine, California-headquartered Taco Bell for unfair business practices. “By using waffles –  a regular breakfast fair at IHOP restaurants – in its new offering, Taco Bell is not only imitating our popular and best-selling menu item, but is threatening to cut into our profits,” a spokesperson for IHOP told reporters and food bloggers.image

“I mean, come on,” the spokesperson said, “they’re called Taco Bell for a reason.  They should just stick to tacos.”

imageTaco Bell, founded in 1962, has been facing some financial challenges in recent years, forcing it to join forces with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and other fastfood chains just to survive.  “Our waffle taco might just put us over the top. We need something to boost our business,” said an executive from Taco Bell who chose to remain anonymous. He did not comment on the lawsuit.

The new waffle taco is set to debut at selected Taco Bell restaurants this Thursday.

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