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imageHOLLYWOOD, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – For the Oscars, actors vote for actors, directors vote for directors, writers vote for writers — at least in the first round of nominations. But all voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences get to cast their ballot for Best Picture as well as the other category winners to be announced this Sunday.

So one would expect all 6,000 plus Oscar voters to have seen the 8 nominees for this year’s Best Picture, right?


A poll conducted by The Hollywood Reporter shows that about 6 percent of Oscars voters have not seen the Best Picture nominees, and that of those who have seen the films, majority saw it on screeners — in other words, on DVD.

Recognizing that film industry insiders no longer want to sit in a crowded theater or listen to their fellow audience members talk and text during the movie, The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences voted today to change the name of their top award from “Best Picture” to “Best DVD.”

An anonymous source within the academy confided: “We only wish this poll had been conducted years ago, so that the Oscars from the 80’s and 90’s could have accurately been given for ‘Best VHS Tape’.”

Are you watching Sunday night’s Oscars?  Who do you predict will win Best DVD?

For the most comprehensive list of confirmed Oscar voters, visit The Academy Awards Project.