Damasen, left, and Pacquiao
Damasen, left, and Pacquiao

OAKLAND, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – Every time Filipina singer Nayah Damasen sings the Star-spangled Banner at a basketball game featuring the Golden State Warriors, the California NBA team wins, as they did in Game #1 of the 2015 NBA finals held last night.

Damasen, 10, has been singing the U.S. national anthem for the Warriors’ games since age 5. The team considers her its ‘lucky charm.’

Well, it turns out this season saw not just one, but two lucky charms for the Warriors — both Filipinos.

The other charm is no other than Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, who last year, joined the Warriors in a practice session while they trained for this year’s NBA season.  Since then, things have been turning up roses for the Warriors, whose last stint in an NBA finals was in 1975, when they won the championship.

With two lucky charms, hopes are high that the Warriors will be this year’s NBA champions.

Hey, they might even ask both Damasen and Pacquiao (who himself is a recording artist) to sing the national anthem as a duet for one of the six (or three) remaining finals games against the Cleveland .

WATCH Damasen singing the national at this year’s Western Conference Finals between the Warriors and the Houston Rockets.

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