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Leni Robredo Urges Filipinos To Break The Law

14C6C73B-709E-42B9-B541-7CE9443E37EAMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Whatever happened to the phrase, “a nation of laws?’  Well, that’s out the door, if you ask Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo.

Reacting to the recent arrest of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, Robredo urged the Filipino people to break the law.  “Don’t pay your taxes. Bear false witness against your neighbors and your enemies,” she told The Adobo Chronicles.

Not her words exactly, but it’s how many people are interpreting what she said when she slammed Ressa’s arrest, saying it is tantamount to political harassment.

Ressa has faced two arrest warrants so far: one for tax evasion, the other for cyber libel — none of which had anything to do with her Freedeom of the Press.

Meanwhile, a new social media poll shows that 99% of Filipinos are happy about the arrest of Ressa.  Read all about it HERE.


Trillanes Apologizes To Duterte For Comment On Maria Ressa’s Arrest

3AEF7C8B-5027-49C4-A8B4-83FD2F5F04A1MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – As expected, Senator Antonio Trillanes was quick to react to the arrest of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa on charges on Cyber Libel.

Trillanes said that “Ressa’s arrest exposes Duterte’s ‘despotic regime.’

The arrest order was issued by Regional Trial Court presiding judge Rainelda H. Estacio-Montesa.

But when The Adobo Chronicles informed Trillanes that Estacio-Montesa was actually an appointee of  NoyNoy Aquino, the Senator immediately apologized to Duterte, and focused his attack on the former President instead.

”I was too quick to judge,” Trillanes said, “and I’m very sorry.  I hope Duterte would forgive me.  I get carried away sometimes, especially when I hear Ressa’s monologues about suppression of Press Freedom.”

No word yet from Malacañang whether or not Trillanes is forgiven.


Donald Trump To Outsource His Border Wall To The Philippines

D1ACEBE9-7E56-48C5-ADEC-85CF35C1F52CWASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – U.S. President Donald Trump isn’t a bit worried that Congress will not give him the funds needed to build his great wall along the southern border. He has repeatedly said that he is going to build that wall no matter what.

Today, The White House announced that Trump has decided to outsource the building of pre-fabricated walls to the Philippines.

”It will not only greatly reduce our costs, but will also further enhance the economic partnership between the U.S. and its former colony,” a White House spokesperson said.

The pre-fabricated walls will be made of Philippine bamboo.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte confirmed the agreement with Trump, saying that it is all part of his government’s “Build, build, build” program.