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Leni Robredo’s Camp Confirms Maria Ressa’s ‘War Zone Philippines’

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The camp of Vice President Leni Robredo has confirmed what Rappler CEO Maria Ressa has been saying all along — that the Philippines is a “war zone.”

“It’s the worst war zone I’ve ever been in,” Ressa likes to say whenever she is interviewed by the Western media.

The Robredo camp’s confirmation came through what appeared like a 2022 Presidential campaign poster which shows the VP in front of the Philippine flag.

But there is one problem.

The law and protocols dictate that when hanging or displaying the Philippine flag vertically, the red stripe should be on the right side of the person looking at the flag. The Robredo poster had the red stripe on the left.

Every Filipino who has gone through civics lessons in school knows that when the red stripe is on the left, it means the Philippines is at war.

Yes, a war zone, as per Ressa.

Los Angeles Police Subpoenas Philippine President Duterte

LOS ANGELES, California (The Adobo Chronicles, L.A. Bureau) – The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has issued as subpoena to Rodrigo Duterte to appear in California to explain what police found to be the Philippine President’s fake driver license. The California ID was found in an undisclosed location, and it had the President’s photograph. The license was under the name of a “Norman D.”

LAPD told The Adobo Chronicles that it has launched an investigation for possible violation of federal and state laws on falsification of public documents.

“It’s either Duterte stole and faked the license of Norman D, or Norman D faked his license using Duterte’s photo,” LAPD said.

The LAPD acknowledges that it would be very difficult for Duterte to personally appear in California because of current Covid-19 travel restrictions, particularly for senior citizens. Duterte turns 76 on March 28. However, the Department said Duterte can designate an alter ego who is able to travel and personally appear in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

When asked about the subpoena, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said, “Hindi ko po alam. Wala pong nabanggit ang Pangulo sa akin.” (I don’t know. The President has not mentioned anything to me.)

This is a developing story.