imageChicago, Illinois – When Oprah cries, everybody cries; when Oprah gets pissed, you better watch out.

The most influential woman in the world – not to mention one of the richest – was perturbed at the fact that the film she starred in, Lee Daniels’ The Butler was snubbed by both the Golden Globes and the Oscars. When the film was released earlier this year, critics thought that Winfrey’s performance as the wife of the White House butler played by Forest Whitaker, was a shoo-in for a Best Actress nomination.

Ms. Winfrey not only has her own magazine but her own television network as well (Oprah Winfrey Network or OWN).

Today, she announced that she is forming her own American Film Academy which will function just like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which puts up the annual Oscar Awards.

The new academy’s awards will be called the Oprahs.

As of press time, it wasn’t known how many of the current Oscar voting members will defect to Oprah’s new academy.

For a list of  Oscar voters, visit NeverTooEarlyMoviePredictions by clicking HERE.


imageTel Aviv, Israel – The  story of  a Filipina caregiver who captivated the world for winning the first-ever X Factor Israel this week is one of “rags to riches.” After winning the singing competition, 47-year old Rose Fostanes is on her way to recording contracts and professional gigs that would pay millions of dollars.


While Fostanes the caregiver is documented in Israel, Fostanes the singer is not. Like with most immigration laws anywhere in the world, foreign nationals are granted work permits to get paid for the specific jobs that they were recruited for. In Fostanes’ case, she can legally work in Israel only as a caregiver.

This means that Fostanes cannot get paid for recording contracts or professional concerts and appearances within Israel.  This has become a big dilemma for the producers of X Factor Israel.

But no worries. The producers have come up with a brilliant idea to skirt around the country’s immigration laws.

Beginning next week, Fostanes will go on a road tour throughout Israel, visiting hospitals and convalescent homes, singing for the sick and elderly. All her appearances will be televised and she will get paid for it.

“We will be paying her as a caregiver, not as a singer,” the producers said, “so we will not be violating any Israeli law or the conditions of her legal work permit.

All’s well that ends well.


Boyle, left, and Fostanes, right
Boyle, left, and Fostanes, right

London, Great Britain – Filipina Rose Fostanes and Scottish Susan Boyle have many things in common. Both have humble beginnings: Rose is a caregiver working in Tel Aviv and Susan was a trainee cook in her native Scotland. They have incredible musical talent and joined television singing competitions at past 40 years old which is really irrelevant to this story. Audiences were skeptical, almost  cynical, about their winning the competitions.

Both are singing champions in countries other than their own: Susan winning in Britain’s Got Talent and Rose winning in this week’s X Factor Israel.

Today, being the entrepreneur that he is, Simon Cowell who originated both shows in Great Britain, announced that he is producing a new single that would feature a duet by both women.

The song was composed by Sir Elton John and is titled “I Dreamed It My Way.” Susan, of course, became famous for her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” during her audition on Britain’s Got Talent and Rose’s finale song on X Factor Israel was Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

Pre-orders of the single, yet to be recorded, have already reached One Million.

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