imageManila, Philippines – It’s all about oil. U.S. interest seems to be shifting from the Middle East to Asia, particularly the oil-rich waters surrounding the Philippines, China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Tension has been rising among and between the governments of these countries over territorial claims in around South China Sea and the Spratly Islands.

Overtly, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in the Philippines to try to ease tensions between the Manila and Beijing governments, urging China to go easy on imposing no-fly and no-sail zones over the disputed territories between the two countries.

Covertly, as confirmed by latest tweets from suspected American security secrets leaker Edward Snowden, Kerry is in Manila talking up the Aquino government to seriously consider becoming the 51st state of the U.S.  Kerry said that becoming a U.S. state would be in the best interest of the Philippines because it would essentially  put the American military at its disposal in its dispute with China. Of course, what Kerry is not saying is that it would grant the U.S. full access to the area’s rich oil resources.

The Filipino sentiment against American colonialism has significantly changed since the U.S. military bases were practically  driven out of the Philippines in the early 1990’s. There is a growing  displeasure with the Manila government. Filipinos are fed up with political dynasties, incompetence, corruption and all that kind of stuff.

Is it time to add another star to the stars and stripes?


imageTokyo, Japan – First, the good news:  Bea Rose Santiago has won yet another beauty pageant crown for the Philippines.  She bagged the 2013 Miss International Pageant title last night in Tokyo.  The bad news: the ban on the Philippines from participating in international beauty pageants for the next two years has been re-imposed!

Earlier, The Adobo Chronicles reported that the Association of Beauty Pageant Franchise Holders (ABPFH) had disqualified the Philippines from international beauty pageants because of the extraordinary performance of its candidates this year: winning the crowns for Miss World and Miss Supranational, 3rd runner-up in Miss Universe, and consistent top 5 finish in most other beauty contests.  Then, it reversed the ban after a disappointing finish for the Philippines’ bet in the Miss Earth pageant.

With Santiago’s victory, the Philippines has set another record of winning not one or two, but three major beauty titles in one year.  Only two other countries have won the crown for all the major international beauty pageants – Brazil and Venezuela.

In re-imposing the ban, the ABPFH admitted that it spoke too soon when it lifted the Philippines’ earlier disqualification. “We should have waited for the results of Miss International 2013,” the association said.



Salt Lake City, Utah – Pope Francis continues to win the hearts of Catholics and non-Catholics alike with his humble, down-to-earth, and open-arms approach to his papacy. Time magazine’s 2013 ‘Person of the Year’ seems to be transcending the realms of organized religion and is slowly but surely gaining the respect and admiration of, even the Mormons.

President Thomas S. Monson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) has sent feelers to The Vatican for a possible summit with Pope Francis to explore a merger between the Mormons and the Roman Catholic Church . “I like everything I’ve seen so far about this new Pope,” Monson said.

Monson was reacting to a story by The Adobo Chronicles regarding women and gay Catholics flocking to  Vatican confessionals following the release of the 2014 Priests Calendar featuring the best-looking Catholic priests.

“We have our fair share of good-looking Mormon missionaries, and they would look hotter if they donned the Catholic priest collar rather than the boring white shirt and tie,” said Monson.

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