imageSan Jose, California – If you think the Washington Redskins is the only sports team that is generating a lot of controversy over its name and mascot, think again. Other teams have had their share of criticism and protest, among them, the Atlanta Braves, South Florida University Seminoles,  Cleveland Indians, and Chicago Blackhawks .

The latest sports team to  face ridicule is the San Jose Sharks, the popular hockey team of the Silicon Valley.

In a letter to Sharks Executive Vice President and General Manager Doug Wilson, a group of international oceanographers demanded that the Sharks immediately change its name.  The group said that sharks already have a bad rap because of the Hollywood movie, Jaws. “The last thing we need is to have a hockey team unnecessarily parading and promoting  the ‘sharks’ name and mascot, especially if if loses its games,” the group said.

The San Jose Sharks has not issued any response to the oceanographers’ demand. It remains to be seen whether or not San Jose will remain “sharks territory.”


imageSan Jose, California (The ADOBO CHRONICLES) – The world watched as a 24-year old undocumented immigrant interrupted President Obama’s speech on immigration in San Francisco last week.

Ju Hong, who was among those invited to be part of the President’s backdrop for his speech, demanded that Obama issue an executive order to stop all deportations of undocumented immigrants. Instead of allowing the Secret Service to whisk Hong away, Obama said the heckler could stay so that he could give the young man from South Korea an abridged civics lesson.

Well, it turns out that among those watching the television coverage of Obama’s speech was Debra Zane, the casting director of ‘Hunger Games.’ It so happened that she was finalizing the casting for the film’s third installment of the trilogy.  Immediately after the San Francisco event, Zane contacted Hong and offered him a role in ‘Mockingjay.’

In ‘Mockingjay,’  Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence)  leads the rebels in uprisings against President Snow and the Capitol. Hong will play one of the young rebels in District 13.
Zane said that watching Hong’s courage and passion in speaking out during Obama’s speech impressed her, and that those are the characteristics she was looking for in casting young rebels for ‘Mockingjay.’ Hong’ s rebel role will involve heckling President Snow as he addresses his loyal constituents in the Capitol.

Zane refused to answer the question on whether the film production company will sponsor Hong’s green card application.


President Obama at a White House press briefing (file photo)
President Obama at a White House press briefing (file photo)

Washington, D.C. – While the rest of the Fourth Estate are up in arms over what they call the Obama administration’s attempt to stifle their First Amendment rights, The Adobo Chronicles today was granted full, unconditional access to all White House meetings, press briefings, private audiences with the President and a 24-access to all rooms except the Presidential bedroom.

This unprecedented accreditation comes on the heels of complaints by American media over the Obama administration’s not-so-covert efforts to trace, identify and punish confidential sources of news media reports, including whistleblowers.  Very recently, photojournalists were restricted on which White House events they can shoot. The White House, however, said it will provide the news media with copies of official photographs taken by the administration’s own photographers.  News media associations described this new policy as “The White House distributing press releases for newsrooms to publish or disseminate.”

Since its founding in June of this year, The  Adobo Chronicles has been gaining worldwide popularity, with its website recording an average of 1 Million hits per month, and counting. International publications like The International Business Times and The Latin Times have recently relied on The Adobo Chronicles as a credible source for their own stories, especially with regards to beauty pageants and the aftermath of the Haiyan typhoon in the Philippines.  Also, it was The Adobo Chronicles that broke the stories about CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s appointment as new ambassador to the Philippines and the state of California’s proposal to totally ban lechon (Filipino roasted pig), roasted duck and boiled crab.

At the last White House press briefing, President Obama welcomed The Adobo Chronicles, describing it as the media’s “new beacon of light.”

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