imageVatican City, Italy (The Adobo Chronicles) – The Vatican has sent a stern reprimand to the Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA) for spreading false information that Pope Francis is merely a comic book superhero.

Based in Manila, CFA is a not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to harness the power of communication in order to promote Christian values and empower people in need towards social transformation.

In preparation for the Philippine visit in January by Pope Francis, the foundation has published a new comic book depicting the leader of the Catholic church as a fictitious character in the likes of Superman, Batman and Spiderman. The comic book’s title is “A Pope Named Francis.”

In its letter, The Vatican said that “Pope Francis is a real person, not a comic book superhero. While he seems too good to be true because of his down-to-earth policies and actions, the Pope is real. Let us not mislead our children – and adults – to believe otherwise.”

In view of the scolding, the foundation is now considering several alternatives on what to do with the millions of copies of the new comic book. One of the options being mulled is to burn the copies in a huge bonfire to be held at Rizal Park (Luneta) in Manila on the eve of Pope Francis’ arrival in the Philippines.

To cover the cost of producing the comic books, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is designating this Sunday’s collections to reimburse the foundation. CBCP appealed to the Filipinos to drop real money — not play money — in the collection basket.


squareBerlin, Germany – The Adobo Chronicles has been honored with a Hall of Fame Award, along with about 90 news sites worldwide that include The Onion, The Borowitz Report, The Daily Currant and The National Report.

The exciting news comes just hours after The Adobo Chronicles reached another milestone in its 15th month of existence, surpassing the 11 Million mark in viewers. It is the only Filipino American news site given this rare honor.

The award will be formally presented at an elaborate ceremony to be held on December 25, 2014 at the Reichtag, the German Parliament Building in Berlin. German Chancellor Angela Merker will preside over the ceremony.

Champagne flowed at The Adobo Chronicles newsroom today when the news was received.

Here is the complete list of Hall of Fame Awardees for 2014.


'The Hot Cop of Castro' Photo credit: Steven Kyle Weller
‘The Hot Cop of Castro’ Photo credit: Steven Kyle Weller

San Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) has announced the launching of the Hot Cop of Castro Annual Pageant, with its inaugural show to be held on December 15 at the famed Castro Theater.

The contest announcement comes just days after Police Officer Chris Kohrs, a.k.a. Hot Cop of Castro, took down his Facebook fan page months after generating more than 50,000 followers.

Kohrs rose to prominence after a Castro resident took a photo of the good-looking cop while he was making the rounds of the gay district. Shortly after the photo was posted on Facebook, it went viral, giving birth to a popular fan page.

Korhs told reporters that he just wanted to focus on his family and job as a police officer. Nevertheless, he told his fans that he was just three digits away (911).

In view of Kohrs’ disappearance from social media, the SFPD decided to look for a successor, and the rest is history.  The Hot Cop of Castro Pageant was born. “It is a way  for us to showcase the SFPD in a more positive light as a gay-friendly police force,” a police spokesperson said.

Interested pageant contestants are asked to contact SFPD through text and email but are urged not to call 911. The contest is open to all SFPD cops, gay or straight. “We have no specific qualifications or criteria. All it takes is for candidates to show us what they’ve got that’s hot,” SFPD said.


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