Mommy D Pacquiao
Mommy D Pacquiao

Las Vegas, Nevada – Manny Pacquiao won a 12-round unanimous decision over Timothy Bradley on Saturday to avenge his controversial 2012 loss to the previously unbeaten American. But that was not the big news.

Moments after losing the WBO welterweight crown to the Filipino boxer and congressman, Bradley accused Pacquiao’s mom Dionisia, popularly known as Mommy D, of voodooism. Bradley claims that Mommy D cast some witchcraft on him, causing him to be disoriented in the last few rounds of the title fight at the MGM arena in Las Vegas.Mommy D was caught on camera, clutching a rosary and a tiny missalette, uttering unintelligible words while pointing at the American boxer.

It is believed that witchcraft is still practiced in parts of the Philippines and there still exist some occasional witches, locally known as mangkukulam.

The Pacquiao camp, however, simply dismissed Bradley’s accusation as “sour grapes.”


Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay
Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay

Manila, Philippines – Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay said yesterday that as a nation “we are ready to die up to the last blood” in defending our territories. The warning was directed at China with whom the Philippines is engaged in a territorial dispute over the Ayungin Shoal in the West Philippine Sea.

Today, the 50 Million-strong Filipino National Coalition for Good Government (FNCGG) distanced itself from the vice president’s statement, saying that Binay should speak for himself.  An FNCGG spokesperson said that Filipinos “have enough problems just surviving from poverty, natural disasters, political corruption and social ills, and we are not about to give up our lives over some corral reefs in the West Philippine Sea.”

Embarrassed by the FNCGG statement, Binay backtracked and clarified he was merely referring to the Philippine military which is committed to defend any unwarranted attack by the Chinese on Filipino naval ships and Filipino fishermen’s boats in the disputed area.

But the joint chiefs of staff of the Philippine military also distanced themselves from Binay’s warning to China. “The vice president is not even our commander-in-chief so how can he commit military personnel and resources to fight China to the last drop of our blood?”  a top-ranking general said.

Political observers surmised that Binay was trying to project an image of a tough leader with a no-nonsense foreign policy as he positions himself for the 2016 Philippine presidential elections.

The Adobo Chronicles just learned that the vice president has fired his speech writer.






The queue at an MRT station in Manila
The queue at an MRT station in Manila

Manila, Philippines – The embattled general manager of Manila’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) may have the last laugh despite calls for his resignation for the problems that have been plaguing the light railway system in the populous metropolis.

Activist groups have demanded that Alan Vitangcol III step down from his post for mismanagement of the transport system that millions of residents depend on for their daily commute to and from their work places. Vitangcol is also accused of  allegedly extorting $30 million from a Czech train car  builder in exchange for being awarded an MRT expansion project contract.

Today, the International Association of Light Railway Systems (IALRS) announced that Manila’s MRT has been unanimously chosen to receive the prestigious 2014 Most Popular Transport System Award. The annual award is given to the railway system that has the largest patronage.

The international body said Manila’s MRT won the judges’ nod hands down, after they saw photos of the long lines of commuters waiting to board the commuter trains. “We haven’t seen such massive popularity among MRT systems anywhere in the world,” one of the judges commented.

This prestigious award adds to the long long list of international recognitions recently awarded to the Philippines. Last month, the Philippine cities of Makati and Pasig were named the selfie capital of the world.

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