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Washington, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles) – Former Vice President Dick Cheney said on Sunday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be “held accountable” for four Americans who died during a 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. Cheney made the statement during an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News.

At the same time, Cheney said that after much retrospect and examination of his own conscience, he is now ready to face charges of war crime resulting from the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 when he was vice president.  Cheney is known to have played a big role in fabricating intelligence on Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.  It is estimated that 174,000 combatants and innocent civilians died during the Iraq war.

The former vice president said that he is also ready to face a lesser charge of corruption in connection with shady dealings of his company, Halliburton. Halliburton is an American multinational corporation engaged in oil field services with operations in more than 80 countries. In the run-up to the Iraq war, Halliburton was awarded a $7 billion contract for which ‘unusually’ only Halliburton was allowed to bid.

“So, if I will be held accountable for my crimes, why shouldn’t Mrs. Clinton be held responsible for the Benghazi attack casualties,” Cheney said.

The Adobo Chronicles reached out by telephone to Mr. Cheney on Monday and asked what led him to turn around and admit the charges against him. He said that since he left the Office of the Vice President, he has been having daily nightmares about the Iraq war. After multiple consultations with his pastor, he said he was finally convinced to do the right thing and to admit to his lies and deception that cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

Even for the likes of Cheney, a “coming to Jesus” is always possible.




imageManila, Philippines  (The Adobo Chronicles) – Filipinos are known to be among the most, if not the most warm and hospitable people in the world. This trait has recently been confirmed by a worldwide survey conducted by the World Travel Association (WTA).

WTA surveyed one million frequent travelers from the Americas, Europe, Asia and other continents. The single- question survey asked “Which of the countries you have visited in the past year has extended to you the warmest welcome?”  The Philippines topped the list in the survey.

Survey respondents were in agreement that their warm welcome experience happened as soon as they landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Upon disembarking from the plane and entering the airport terminal, they said they were immediately greeted by entertainers singing hit songs like ‘Gangnam Style.’ The warm atmosphere was further enhanced by the non-functioning airconditioning units at NAIA, making the temperature inside the terminal feel almost twice the heat and humidity outside. The average temperature in Manila during the summer months is 34 degrees celsius or 94 degrees fahrenheit.

Philippine Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya said he was elated over this new honor bestowed upon the Philippines and “extremely proud of the work by airport authorities.” He commended NAIA General Manager Jose Angel Honrado for creating a warm atmosphere at the airport.

In the light of this new survey, the Department of Tourism (DOT) has decided to change its campaign meme of “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” to “The Philippines: Hot as an Oven!”  “A visit to the Philippines is a life-changing experience that starts right at NAIA,” DOT said.


Malacañang Palace, the Philippines' White House
Malacañang Palace, the Philippines’ White House

Manila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – A government shutdown is not that uncommon. It has happened in the U.S. when legislators failed to pass a budget, and it has happened in other countries when citizens declared a no-confidence in their duly-elected government.

But a looming total government shutdown in the Philippines has nothing to do with the budget or a no-confidence citizenry vote. It’s all about the pork barrel scandal involving the siphoning of 10 Billion pesos of taxpayer money into ghost projects and into the pockets of politicians and private citizens.

Recent investigation and revelations have confirmed that:

  • More than half of sitting senators are involved in the scam
  • More than 150 current and past members of the House of Representatives are linked to the scam
  • Top officials of the Aquino government have been implicated in the scam
  • Prominent members of the media have benefited from the scam

Political analysts have concluded that the one last resort to dealing with this scandal is for President Aquino to declare a total government shutdown and appoint a caretaker government to fully revamp the government.

The U.S. government, which recently signed an agreement with the Philippines to increase American military presence in this ally country, has volunteered to facilitate a speedy recovery should the total government shutdown occur. The U.S. fell short of saying that it will work towards making the Philippines its 51st state.