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Brewer, left, and Bachmann
Brewer, left, and Bachmann

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer have been best of friends, sharing the same conservative views and supporting each other’s bid for elective positions and idiotic policies. That is about to change.

Bachmann told reporters today that she has ‘unfriended’ Brewer on her Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages over the governor’s veto of the controversial Arizona bill that would legalize discrimination against the gay population.

Hours before Brewer’s veto announcement, Bachmann went on CNN and told Wolf Blitzer that she supports the right of people with sincere religious beliefs to refuse business services to gay men and women. “This country needs to be tolerant of religious  beliefs,” she told Blitzer. Bachmann is rumored to launch a second attempt to gain the Republication nomination for president in 2016.

Asked by The Adobo Chronicles about her reaction to the unfriending, Brewer said: “Good riddance. Michele’s posts are boring anyway.” She adds: “This makes it an easier decision for me to challenge her for the 2016 presidential nomination. Now that I have become so popular for vetoing the Arizona bill, I think I have a much better chance than Michele to be the GOP nominee. For one I know that I now have 100% support from the Log Cabin Republicans.” (Log Cabin Republicans are a segment of the GOP supporting the rights of lgbt Americans)



imageSan Francisco, California – San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade, the largest such celebration in the world, has just identified its Grand Marshall for 2014. It’s no other than Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

The SF Pride Committee met in an executive session today following Brewer’s announcement that she was vetoing Arizona’s Senate Bill 1062 which would have legalized discrimination against lgbt people on the grounds of religious rights.

Soon after she vetoed the bill, U.S. media outlets – recovering from a slow news day today – flashed the news report on their websites, news alerts and live broadcasts. The social media also burst with posts, even among self-identified gay men and women, praising Brewer for her act of courage.

The Pride Committee said that no other act by an individual merits the honor of being named Grand Marshall . “We might even double the parade attendance by the potential of Arizona residents coming to San Francisco in June to support their well-loved governor,” the committee said.

Upon hearing about the Pride Committee’s decision, the National Coalition of Gay Immigrant Associations ( NCGIA) annouunced that it will boycott the SF Pride Parade this year, citing Brewer’s anti-immigrant record. She signed into law  Arizona’s SB 1070, the most stringent anti-immigrant law in the country.


napolesManila, Philippines – The lawyers for Janet Lim-Napoles, principal suspect in the 10 Billion-peso pork barrel scam, have asked the Philippine Supreme Court to grant their client hospital arrest in lieu of imprisonment at a high-security military camp south of the Philippine capital.  Napoles says she was confident that her petition will be granted by the highest court of the land based on her current medical condition.

In papers filed with the court, Napoles listed the following symptoms and illnesses she is currently experiencing: toothache, pain in her ring finger, athlete’s foot, sore throat, sinus infection, hair loss, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, multiple mosquito bites, shrinking waste line, heartburn, sunburn, loss of weight and extreme sadness. Her lawyers argued that remaining in the prison suite will only make matters worse for their client and asked the court to grant the petition on humanitarian grounds.

The Supreme Court is compelled to take up Napoles’ petition because there has been a precedent of hospital arrest. Former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo remains in hospital arrest at the government’s Veterans Memorial Medical Center for charges of plunder.  Refusing to take up Napoles’ case would subject the court to charges of discrimination.

A hearing of the petition has not yet been set.

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