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PALIN-McCAINHonolulu, Hawaii – Last week, Sarah Palin defended “Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson’s anti-gay and racist comments he made on GQ magazine, saying that the patriarch was merely exercising his right of free speech.

Asked by Fox News host Greta Van Susteren if Palin took issue with the manner in which Robertson made his comments, the former Alaska governor replied,  “I haven’t read the article.  I don’t know exactly how he said it, but  he was responding to a question about a lifestyle he disagrees with.”

Today, Palin is defending The Adobo Chronicles for publishing an exclusive story about the former vice presidential candidate mistaking the word “mahalo” for “trash.”  “I don’t read The Adobo Chronicles or any newspaper for that matter, but whatever the news site said about me is a right guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,” Palin said.

“I may very well look stupid and clueless in that news article, but I said what I said when asked a stupid question by The Adobo Chronicles reporter. I’m not going to take issue with that,” she added.

Palin is in Waikiki vacationing to escape  the frigid temperatures of her native Alaska.

In another exclusive, The Adobo Chronicles reported on the unexpected meeting between Palin and President Obama who is also vacationing this week in Hawaii.  The political rivals chanced upon each other while buying malasadas from Leonard’s Bakery in Honolulu.



Aquino, left and Roxas, right
Aquino, left and Roxas, right

Manila, Philippines – One hundred million Filipinos woke up today to find that their president, Noynoy Aquino has been demoted to police chief of Metro Manila. His Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas was also demoted to deputy police chief.

The good news is, both seem to be fit for, and doing great in their new jobs.

Less than 24 hours after their demotion, both gentlemen were busy at work, responding to a jewelry  robbery at a store inside SM, a popular shopping mall.

Aquino went to the SM North Edsa Mall in Quezon City, more than two hours after members of the notorious Martilyo gang tried to rob a jewelry store. After 15 minutes of conferring with police officials and surveying the crime scene, he left the site just as Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas arrived.

Roxas did not, however, linger long to allow Quezon City police investigators to conduct a probe on the robbery.

Aquino and Roxas received praise for being efficient first responders to the crime.


imageSarangani, Philippines – While the Filipino people were still celebrating Manny Pacquiao’s victory over American Brandon Rios in last Saturday’s title fight in Macau, China, the Pinoy boxing champ has already set foot in the Haiyan typhoon-ravaged region of the Philippines, ready to personally provide relief to calamity victims using his own funds.

There was one problem. A Philippine court has frozen billions of pesos in Pacquiao’s bank accounts. The reason: the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR),  the Philippine counterpart of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), wants to see the original receipts to prove that the boxer paid taxes on his prize earnings.

The BIR, which has the distinct honor of consistently being voted the most corrupt government entity in the Philippines, seems to believe that the IRS issues “original receipts” for paid or withheld taxes like the ones customers get when they purchase items from a grocery store.

Both HBO and boxing promoter Top Rank have indicated that taxes were duly withheld from payments made to Pacquiao and subsequently electronically remitted to the IRS.  But a statement from the BIR said, ” Well, we haven’t had our share of the pie.”

Upon learning of Pacquiao’s predicament, international fans of the boxer — individuals and companies alike — immediately set up a special relief fund for the boxer so that he can fulfill a promise he made earlier to personally help those affected by the super typhoon. As of this writing, the Manny Pacquaio Relief Fund has raised Two Million Dollars which is equivalent to over Eighty Million Philippine pesos.  Offcials at the BIR are reportedly fuming because by law, they cannot touch a single centavo of funds designated for relief.

Double taxation has made a double champion of Pacquiao!