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imageWashington, D.C. – The U.S. government shutdown has ended, but the damage to the economy has been done.

The ratings agency  S&P has cut the annualized U.S. growth rate closer to 2% from 3%, saying that the shutdown has taken $24 billion out of the U.S. economy.  The agency also cut 0.6% off of the yearly fourth quarter GDP growth.

Upon the recommendation of his top financial advisers, President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order that would restitute what has been lost in the economy because of this nonsensical shutdown strategy orchestrated by the Republican and Tea Party leaders.

The EO mandates that the Republican legislators pay back the $24 billion lost because of the two-week shutdown.  Each of the 46 Republicans in the Senate and the 232 Republicans in the House of Representatives has been asked to pay the U.S. government $73 million. The deadline for the restitution is November 1, 2013.  The Obama administration has denied requests from the Republican legislators for an installment plan.

The Adobo Chronicles has learned that the country’s largest banks have offered the legislators unsecured personal loans to enable them to meet their obligations under the EO. The banks, however, are charging the legislators enormous interest rates ranging from 24.9% to 36.8 %.


JoinRezManila, Philippines – Newly-crowned Miss World 2013, Megan Young of the Philippines, came home to a very warm welcome from proud Filipinos who wildly cheered their beauty queen for bagging the once-elusive pageant title.  Young is the first Filipina to win Miss World.

The next few days will see a very busy schedule for Ms. Young who is expected to grace many celebration parties, public events and courtesy calls on President Noynoy Aquino and members of Congress.

When Young visits Congress on Monday, she will be presented with a rare Joint Resolution of the Senate and House of Representatives commending her for this extraordinary feat while expressing relief that the focus has been turned away from the pork barrel scandal that has preoccupied the nation all summer.

The Adobo Chronicles was able to obtain a copy of the Joint Resolution which will be formally presented to Ms. Young on Monday.  The resolution reads:

WHEREAS, Miss Philippines Megan Young has brought great honor to the country by winning the once-elusive title of Miss World 2013;

WHEREAS, Ms. Young has reinvigorated the Filipino people’s pride because of her achievement;

WHEREAS, this national honor comes at a time in the nation’s political history where the Filipino people’s confidence in both the Senate and House of Representatives has reached its lowest level since the founding of our Republic;

WHEREAS, this national honor focuses the spotlight away from the growing scandal relative to the pork barrel scam which has siphoned billions of pesos of taxpayer money and into the pockets of members of both houses of Congress and their cronies;

BE IT RESOLVED, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that Miss World 2013 be presented with the highest commendation for helping save the asses of our colleagues in the Senate and the House of Representatives from the pork barrel scandal;

BE IT RESOLVED, FURTHER, that the Senate and House of Representatives declare a one-year recess from their sessions to appropriately celebrate this great honor;

FINALLY, this joint resolution will have the full effect of a suspension of any and all investigation of members of both houses relative to the pork barrel scandal.

Unanimously approved via voice vote by the joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives this 14th day of October in the year of our Lord.”


imageNogales City, Arizona – The Department of Homeland Security and Bureau of Customs sent their enforcement agents to Nogales, Arizona, near the U.S.-Mexico border, to closely monitor recent increased activity which authorities suspect might be a violation of U.S. immigration and customs laws.

The agents were dispatched to a mile-long stretch of the border fence in response to an urgent request from Arizona Governor Janice Brewer. Brewer’s office had received complaints from Nogales residents that illegal activity is happening everyday at the border in plain view of both Americans and Mexicans.

Initial investigation by the agents confirmed that Americans and Mexicans on either side of the border have been playing volleball using the fence as their net. The activity has gained popularity in recent weeks and agents fear that it might spread to the rest of the entire Arizona–Mexico border.

Agents dispatched to the scene are now on a 24-hour watch over the border to ensure that at the end of each game, the Mexican ball does not end up on U.S. soil, which would violate customs regulations. On the other hand, immigration agents want to make sure that only balls –not humans — are being tossed back and forth over the border “net.”