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Big Island Mayor Billy Kenoi
Big Island Mayor Billy Kenoi

Honolulu, Hawaii – The islands of Hawaii are a convenient and strategic place for deposed, disgraced and criminally-charged Philippine politicians when fleeing, or trying to flee, their country. Honolulu became the temporary home of the late Ferdinand Marcos, his wife Imelda and their children when the dictator was forced to leave the Philippines following the historic People’s Power Revolution.

Another former president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, more popularly referred to as ‘GMA,’ is rumored to be planning an escape to Hawaii’s Big Island.  GMA is currently under hospital arrest for criminal charges of plunder and electoral fraud committed while she was president.

GMA’s plan just went poooof!

Hawaii’s mayor Billy Kenoi has signed a bill that bans genetically-engineered crops and plants, better known as GMO. Bill 113 was passed by the Hawaii County Council last November.

Arroyo’s chief of staff delivered the bad news to her at her hospital bed at a government hospital in Manila. The chief of staff did not realize that he had misread the news from Hawaii, thinking that the Big Island had just banned his boss, GMA,  from coming to the islands.

Now, the Hawaii County Council picked up the idea. It is now considering a bill to ban GMA, in addition to the already banned GMO.


imageRome, Italy – Pope Francis continues to surprise the Roman Catholic Church with his unprecedented papal lifestyle changes. He has chosen to abandon the plush papal residence to live in a modest Vatican apartment with other clergy. As previously reported by The Adobo Chronicles, the pontiff has also auctioned off his popemobile, red shoes and pure gold jewelry on eBay.

Now, his cardinals are vehemently protesting his latest directive banning the church’s princes from wearing the traditional magna capa, the ceremonial robe that has a long train much like a wedding dress.  In issuing the directive,  Pope Francis reminded his cardinals that “we are fishermen, not royal kings or queens. Our power comes from God, not from the worldy symbols of opulence like thrones and scepters and robes.”

As part of the protest, the cardinals have threatened to go on a hunger strike beginning at midnight on Christmas.  They said they will call off the strike only if Pope Francis rescinded his directive. “His Holiness must understand that the magna capa is the one last remaining pleasure we are privileged to have as bishops of Rome,” said one of the protesting cardinals.


imageManila, Philippines – It’s all about oil. U.S. interest seems to be shifting from the Middle East to Asia, particularly the oil-rich waters surrounding the Philippines, China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Tension has been rising among and between the governments of these countries over territorial claims in around South China Sea and the Spratly Islands.

Overtly, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in the Philippines to try to ease tensions between the Manila and Beijing governments, urging China to go easy on imposing no-fly and no-sail zones over the disputed territories between the two countries.

Covertly, as confirmed by latest tweets from suspected American security secrets leaker Edward Snowden, Kerry is in Manila talking up the Aquino government to seriously consider becoming the 51st state of the U.S.  Kerry said that becoming a U.S. state would be in the best interest of the Philippines because it would essentially  put the American military at its disposal in its dispute with China. Of course, what Kerry is not saying is that it would grant the U.S. full access to the area’s rich oil resources.

The Filipino sentiment against American colonialism has significantly changed since the U.S. military bases were practically  driven out of the Philippines in the early 1990’s. There is a growing  displeasure with the Manila government. Filipinos are fed up with political dynasties, incompetence, corruption and all that kind of stuff.

Is it time to add another star to the stars and stripes?