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imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – On Monday, July 27, Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino will deliver his last SANA. His State of the Nation Address.

No, that was not a typo. Aquino will, in fact, deliver his SANA. ‘Sana’ is a Tagalog word loosely translated as ‘wishful thinking.’

Malacañang, the presidential palace, gave reporters a glimpse of what the president will say — a laundry list of what he wished he had done as president and what he hopes will happen after his term expires in 2016:

  • He wished he had brought a first lady into Malacañang, particularly reigning Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. Well, time is running out.
  • He wished he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Now THAT is really some wishful thinking.
  • He wished Mar Roxas had been his vice president instead of Jojo Binay. Dream on.
  • He wished the constitution would be amended to allow him to run for a second six-year term. Case closed.
  • He hopes that Mar Roxas will be the next president. Careful what you wish for.
  • He wished that he hadn’t said in public that he will let himself be run over by a train if MRT, Metro Manila’s mass light railway system, continued with its massive problems. Too late!  Filipinos are anxiously waiting!
  • He hopes that he will be given a complimentary VIP, front-row ticket to Madonna’s Rebel Heart Concert in Manila in February next year. Now we’re talking! 
  • He hopes his sister, talk-show host Kris, would stop embarrassing the Aquino family and STFU! Now you’re talking!

For a full, live coverage of SANA, tune in to CNN Philippines. They do a good job of covering red carpet fashion.


The Trump jet (Screen grab)
The Trump jet (Screen grab)

ON BOARD THE TRUMP JET (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – During her acceptance speech for the Republican vice presidential nomination in 2008, Sarah Palin said that she put the jet purchased by Alaska’s former governor up for sale on eBay as an example of her attempts at ethics reform.

Following in her footsteps, presidential candidate Donald Trump is doing the same but upping the ante.

Speaking with reporters on board his private jumbo jet, Trump said that if elected president of the United States, he will auction off Air Force One, the presidential plane, on eBay.

“I will have no need for Air Force One. I have my own plane. Think of the millions of taxpayer dollars that would save our government,” he said.

Asked about Marine One, the presidential helicopter, Trump said he will raffle off it off among county firefighting units across the country to help them put out forest fires or use for emergency rescue.

What about the White House?

“I will make it part of the group of museums in the National Mall on Washington D.C. I will live in one of the Trump Towers.”

Is it any wonder that Trump is surging in the polls?


From left, clockwise: Jojo Binay, wife Elenita, Santiago, Poe
From left, clockwise: Jojo Binay, wife Elenita, Santiago, Poe

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles® ) – Vice President Jejomar Binay can’t handle the truth that he is being beaten by women in the race for Philippine President. So he has decided to withdraw his declared candididacy.

Recent national polls show that Senators Grace Poe and Miriam Defensor-Santiago are the two top choices for president among likely voters. (Santiago officially announced her candidacy this week after her doctors declared her ‘cancer-free.’ Her stage 4 lung cancer prompted her to go on leave from the Senate and to hold off on her presidential quest).

“As a man, husband and father, I will not allow women to beat me in the elections or any competition for that matter,” Binay said.

So what happens now to the Binay political dynasty?

It lives on. Binay’s son, Junjun, is mayor of Makati City (although he is currently under suspension for corruption charges) and his two daughters Nancy and Abigail are sitting members of the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively.

But to lock in the Binay dynasty, the Vice President announced that his wife Elenita will run for president in his stead, paving the way for an all-women, three-way race for president.

Elenita is no stranger to politics. She was once mayor of Makati.

Let the women games begin!