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MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – A young Filipino  lawyer — named Jesus —  has asked the Philippine Supreme Court (SC) to lift same-sex marriage prohibitions in the country’s almost 3-decade-old Family Code.

Jesus Nicardo Falcis, who identified himself as openly gay in his May 18 petition, argued that limiting civil marriages and the rights that go with such unions to heterosexuals violate the constitutionally guaranteed protection for equal treatment, undue interference to liberty rights, and marital autonomy.

Ireland — a Catholic country like the Philippines — just became the first in the world to legalize gay marriage by popular vote.  Will the Philippines be next? Unlikely.

Here are the top ten reasons gay marriage will never be legal in the Philippines:

  1. It’s in the books, but in actuality, there is no such thing as ‘Separation of Church and State’
  2. Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines ( CBCP)
  3. Senator Tito Sotto
  4. Congressman Manny Pacquiao
  5. CBCP
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imageMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) –  May Panaginip Ako (‘I Have A Dream’)! With those words, Philippines’ President NoyNoy Aquino laid out in no uncertain terms what he believes will be his legacy after he leaves office in 2016. He wants to be honored and remembered as his country’s Martin Luther King.

His Dream? That because of his policies, reforms and peformance as president, the Philippines will eventually become a First World Country.

In a speech before elementary school children in Marikina, a suburb of Manila, Aquino trumpeted the country’s economic achievements under his watch and the decline in unemployment and hunger incidence among families.

Aquino also boasted of his administrations’ anti-corruption efforts and programs for education, health and poverty alleviation that contributed to the country’s progress.

“Napakasarap pong pangarapin nito lalo pa’t alam nating maaabot ito kung maipagpapatuloy lang natin ang pagsisikap, pag-aambagan at pagsisigurong maayos at matapat ang pamamahala sa ating bansa,” he added. (It is so sweet to dream about this, especially when we know we can reach this status if we continue to strive, unite,  and ensure good and honest  management of our country.)

Upon hearing the news of the president’s dream, millions of Filipinos belonging to the 25% who continue to live below the poverty level, took to the streets of Metro Manila and other cities and towns throughout the country, to celebrate their impending emancipation from their decades-long economic status.

Economists and policy makers also began to erect electronic billboard charts so that the country can watch in real time how the Philippines will rise to the top from its current world standing as 154th in Gross National Income (GNI),  119th in Gross National Product (GNP) and 81st in Poverty Level.

Giant screens will also be built next to the electronic billboards to broadcast live video cam feeds from the country’s jail cells showing the day-to-day life of government officials and others serving time for graft, corruption, plunder and other crimes.

Aquino also directed the Department of Tourism to launch a new campaign that will herald the rise of the Philippines from Third to First World. The president’s own image will be featured in the campaign, with the quote ‘I have A Dream’ translated into 100 languages.

It is More Fun in the Philippines. Indeed.


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NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles ) – A woman in Russia accidentally shot herself in the head with a gun. A Chinese tourist toppled a centuries-old sculpture at the Louvre Museum in Paris. A German pilot de-pressurized a commercial aircraft at an altitude of 29,000 feet when he opened the cockpit window. All in the name of taking a selfie on a selfie stick.

The dangers of using a selfie stick are plenty that many museums have totally banned its use by visitors. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration is seriously considering adding the selfie stick to its list of items prohibited in carry-on bags. “It’s practically a lethal weapon, like a sword or baseball bat,” the TSA said.

Now, in a move that will change the booming selfie technology forever, member-countries of the United Nations have adopted a resolution agreeing to license owners of selfie sticks. While each government will pomulgate its own implementing rules and regulations, the resolution is clear that henceworth, it will be illegal for anyone to carry a selfie stick in public without a government-issued license.

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A U.N. spokesperson said that selfie stick licensing will ensure that only responsible individuals will be allowed to use this popular technology without creating any public danger, annoyance, or damage to property.

In support of this U.N. resolution, Pizza Hut today released the following public service video on the dangers of selfie sticks.