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SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – In other U.S. cities, protesters block streets and freeways, set vehicles on fire, break storefront windows and loot businesses. In San Francisco, they just take over City Hall.

That’s what happened yesterday as hundreds of protesters rallied at City Hall for a temporary halt to evictions in a popular San Francisco neighborhood where workers in the booming technology sector are accused of pushing out long-time tenants.

The protesters, chanting and screaming in English and Spanish, want a one-year halt on tenant evictions in the diverse Mission District and a two-year moratorium on construction of expensive high and medium-rise condos and other market-rate developments.

They then entered the building and evicted Mayor Ed Lee and all of the members of the city and country board of supervisors.

When City Hall officials called the police department to stop the evictions and restore peace and order, they were informed that 90 percent of the police force, most of them residents of the Mission District, went on leave. They were among the protesters.

Once again, the City by the Bay showed the country — and the world — how things ought to be done. Or undone.



President Benigno Aquino III received signed jerseys of the Chicago Bulls and the Boston Celtics during his working visit in Chicago on Thursday. (Malacanang Photo Bureau)

CHICAGO, Illinois (The Adobo Chronicles) – In his speech before a small group of Filipino Americans in Chicago this week, President Aquino touted his administration’s programs to improve the economic standing of the Philippines, calling his country the new “Darling of Asia.”

Aquino’s trip to Chicago was meant to attract U.S. companies to invest in the Philippines.

ABS-CBN News is reporting that Aquino left Chicago empty-handed, except for a pair of signed jerseys of the Chicago Bulls amd Boston Celtics, top teams in the American National Basketball Association (NBA).

The Adobo Chronicles spoke with representatives of some of the U.S. companies Aquino was trying to woo.  They were one in saying that they had already previously invested a lot of money in the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, and lost. “We can’t risk more investments in the Philippines at this time,” they said.

Aquino is now in Canada. Maybe he’ll have better luck there. Or maybe not.


imageOTTAWA, Canada (The Adobo Chronicles) – Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino sets foot in Canada this week for a state visit – the first by a Philippine president since 1997 – upon the invitation of Governor General David Johnston and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“In my visit, we will witness the signing of several memorandums of understanding that will strengthen ties between the Philippines and Canada. We will also thank their government and their people for all their support,” Aquino said.

What Aquino is saying in public is, however, very different from his real mission in visiting this North American country.

Aquino’s primary goal is to raise the issue of illegal Canadian trash in the Philippines when he meets with Harper.

Fifty containers of reeking Canadian garbage, including used adult diapers, have been languishing in the port of Manila for almost two years, sparking recent protests in the Philippines by environmental activists and public health officials.

Chronic Inc., a plastics exporter based in Whitby, Ontario shipped the containers — supposedly filled with recyclable Vancouver plastics — to the Philippines in the spring and summer of 2013. But upon inspection, the country’s Bureau of Customs found the containers were filled with stinking household garbage, including used adult diapers and kitchen waste.

So, truth be told. Aquino’s state visit seeks to repair his country’s trashy relations with Canada.