Raissa Robles Wants PH To Return To The Era Of Manual Typewriters

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – No one knows how old self-proclaimed investigative journalist Raissa Robles is — not even Wikipedia — but many believe she’s twice older than how she looks now. Which is no big deal. Everyone grows old, some older.

But even old people adapt to modern technology, especially journalists. Not Robles. Just look at her Twitter posts!

Case in point, she expressed shock and awe at the “incredibly fast” results for the 2022 Philippine Presidential elections. Never mind that her tweets and crowdsourcing for her “news” stories register on the Internet in seconds. Never mind that AI (that would be Artificial Intelligence) could make her look like a 5 year-old or a centenarian.

No one knows if Robles uses a desktop or a laptop or if she connects via dial-up. Does she own a smart phone or one with black rotary dial?

But one thing’s clear. She wants all of the Philippines to go back to the era of manual typewriters with ribbons, and of communication via PT&T telegrams (millennials can just google it!).

Welcome to the world of Raissa Robles!


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