Rappler’s Maria Ressa Crowdsourcing For New Memes To Use Against The Duterte Government

85E74EC0-AE6D-482F-AA8F-84BD2FF1C488MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Rappler CEO and executive editor Maria Ressa and members of the company’s 2016 board have been charged in court for alleged violation of the Anti-Dummy Law.

In information filed before the Pasig Regional Trial Court on Tuesday, Senior Assistant City Prosecutor Randy Esteban accused Ressa and six others of allowing Omidyar Network Fund, a foreign corporation, to intervene in Rappler operations by issuing Philippine Depository Receipts (PDR) to the investment firm in 2015. 

Ressa, who is reportedly out of the country, has run out of memes to counter this latest case. She has alleged that all the cases against her including violation of the Constitution, tax evasion, and cyber libel are all part of the Duterte government’s  efforts to weaponize the law to silence her and Rappler. She has been mouthing memes like ‘suppression of Press Freedom,’ ‘Political harassment,’ and ‘intimidation’ to counter the charges against her. But the memes are getting old, tired and ineffective.

If you have new memes that Ressa and Rappler could use, please send an email to Rappler or post a comment on its website, Facebook or Twitter accouts. Ressa would be so appreciative.

Board members Manuel Ayala, Nico Jose Nolledo, Glenda Gloria, James Bitanga, Felicia Atienza, and James Velasquez have each posted bail of P90,000. Ressa is out of the country.

They have also been reportedly charged for violation of the Securities Regulation Code, but the case has yet to be assigned to another judge.

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