Duterte To Robredo: “Gotcha!”

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Nobody ever imagined that President Rodrigo Duterte would endorse the candidacy of his one time opponent for  the Presidency, Mar Roxas, but he did exactly that today.

Duterte said that people should vote for Roxas in the 2019 Senatorial Elections.  The former presidential candidate and Cabinet Member under the NoyNoy Aquino administration is running under the Opposition Coalition.

Upon hearing the news, Vice President Leni Robredo was elated.

“Masayang balita iyan. Masayang balita na in-endorse ni Pangulong Duterte si Secretary Mar for the Senate. Affirmation iyon na very much qualified, walang duda iyong qualifications, dapat talagang tulungan,” Robredo said in Capiz Friday. (That’s happy news. It’s happy news that President Duterte endorsed Secretary Mar for the Senate.  It is an affirmation that he is very much qualified, no doubt about his qualifications, he really needs help.)

But when Duterte was informed of Robredo’s comments, the President said — addressing Leni directly — “Gotcha!”

Duterte is known for his sarcasm and for making public statements that are meant to be a bluff or joke.

Is this a case of Leni’s naiveté?

One thought on “Duterte To Robredo: “Gotcha!””

  1. I was shocked because Mar Roxas was under the Aquino’s administration but maybe President Duterte seen a good senator qualities to him. On the other side maybe it was a trap or just a fake statement so that he will know if Vice President Robredo still supporting or helping Mar Roxas to serve as senator next 2019. Knowing President Digong he is a smart man and have many ways to manipulate things to have what he wants


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