Finally, Secretary Martin Andanar Sanctions Asec Mocha Uson

2500F63A-AFDA-40E3-A957-967EA3BCBC6A.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar has had it with Asec Mocha Uson.  He is finally putting his foot down to silence the once untouchable blogger-turned government official.

Andanar issued a memorandum to Uson following the latter’s latest foul-up in which she and Drew Olivar posted a video making fun of the sign language.  The video episode was highly criticized by the deaf commnity as well as many netizens, including pro-Duterte bloggers who had the b*lls to speak up.

Previously, Uson was called out because of the ‘Pepedederalismo’ dance routine performed by Olivar during the couple’s Internet game show.

In his memo, Andanar ordered Uson to remain silent for the next 60 days, including in her Facebook and other live videos.

But in speaking with The Adobo Chronicles, Andanar said this doesn’t mean Uson cannot resort to other means of communicating with her followers.  “She may communicate via sign language,” Andanar pointed out.

Well, good thing Uson has signer Olivar as part of her social media team.

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