Philippines Bans Bette Midler Songs From Karaoke Bars

A20777A2-E83B-4D31-9CAE-48F3991E99DAMANILA. Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Americn singer-actress Bette Midler may now be regretting her tweet calling Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte a’murderous dictator.’A661CB9F-0C7D-4430-AA73-136EE66901B2

Dutete has issued an administrative order banning all Midler songs from karaoke and videoke bars throughout the country.

So if you’re planning to sing a Midler song on your next Karaoke night out, you should consider rehearsing a different song. Like the Beatles’ “Imagine” perhaps?

Here is a partial list of Midler songs banned:




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